I have to admit it WAS hard to follow your three page list of things to change about our house. ….. It took 2 days to get used to the uncluttered look, then we actually liked it!

You might have heard, we had three visits the first week the house was on the market, and on day 11 we had two offers---- one for full asking price. Unbelievable, right?

- Christine S.

Liz and Beth have transformed many of our listings from homes that are comfortable to live in to homes that sell! As a REALTOR, I know how critical staging is to getting homes sold in a tough real estate market. That's why we offer Stage to Sell services to our clients. These ladies have discerning, keen eyes and are very diplomatic in their approach with our clients. Their suggestions and expertise make such a difference! Stage to Sell is one of our keys to success!

- Denise R.

I am convinced your service is well worth the cost. Thanks again for your professional service. Your approach and service takes the burden off the Realtor to give a client any bad news regarding their choice of colors, placement of furniture, whatever. The plus is you know what should be done and you provide your service and message to the client in a professional manner.

- Roger M.

I just wanted you to know sooner rather than later that our house, for which you two provided very wise counsel at the beginning of our project to sell, closed on Friday afternoon!!

Our Realtor was extremely wise to invite you two to provide your counsel. Of course, she worked tirelessly every single day, bringing her own vast experience and knowledge. We had the Olympic team on this project, and the outcome speaks for itself. A thousand thanks!

- Rebecca

I wanted to thank you for your time yesterday. I have so much to learn about decorating, and yesterday was quite an educational experience. We implemented some of your ideas and are excited with the changes. We have a ways to go, but we are motivated. You both were very positive and upbeat and answered so many questions.

We really appreciate all the assistance!

- Mona & Rick

Staging our home was the best decision we could have made in this uncertain housing market. Your subtle changes and expert recommendations made all the difference. Within five days on the market, our home had three contracts and it sold well over asking price. We cannot thank you enough! With much gratitude,

- Beth & Paul

Thank you SOOOOO much for the staging done on my house. I remember when I walked in that evening (after staging) and wanted to buy my house all over again! I know that part of reason my house sold the 2nd day on the market, in a "bad" market time, was in part because of the wonderful job you guys did on the staging. I wish you could come to Buffalo and stage my new house for me!

- Mia

Just wanted you to know that we put the sign in the yard a week ago Monday and received a full price offer a week ago Wednesday! We had a great deal of interest and a lot of really positive feedback from both agents and would-be buyers. You deserve so much of the credit and I wanted you to know again, how much we appreciate your help.

- Emily